My NaNoWriMo Novel Chapter 3

Remember when I said my family–or web–is what you would call a close-knit extended family? We’re now seventeen Andromedaic cycles back in time, but let’s fastforward three Andromedaic cycles. We see a robot named SolarXX, and at first glance you notice that she has two wheels to get around. Usually, robots get around on one wheel, so we don’t have legs like you do. And the light that SolarXX’s eyes emit is dimmer than most. While a photographic memory makes up for SolarXX’s physical malfunctions, she can’t live alone.


“What’s for dinner? I’m so hungry!” I remark. At three Andromedaic cycles, I’m like any other cyborg (child robot) on Andromelet–hungry all the time.

“But robots can’t eat food,” you point out. “They would simply need batteries to fuel up.” On Andromelet, robots canĀ eat food andĀ batteries are disgusting first-aid nibbles. Batteries aren’t satisfying, and they aren’t very healthy. Especially for a three Andromedaic cycle old cyborg.

“That lunch didn’t fill you up enough?” LaserXX, whom I call Mom, exclaims. No, it hasn’t, even after one tikkin (the human equivalent is an hour and three quarters). “Why don’t you eat a snack?”

“You’re always hungry,” says my brother EnergyXY, who is only one Andromedaic cycle old but has developed his language skills early.

“You’d be too, if you were three Andromedaic cycles!”

So I end up waiting five tikkin until dinner.

During dinner, the humdrum rhythm of clicking utensils is suddenly broken in with QuantumXY’s (whom I call Dad) announcement: “Aunt SolarXX will be moving into our pod!”

There is a moment of awkward silence before Mom protests, “But QuantumXY, our pod can only fit so many. And then we’d have to build another room for your sister’s special needs. I don’t think we can ever have the time to do that, what with GalaxyXX and EnergyXY already keeping us rolling. With SolarXX’s malfunctions, instead of helping us take our breaks, she’ll keep us rolling longer. Your sister is too dumb; why would she even come to live with us if she has a caretaker? Plus my parents and my brother have agreed to move in with us. What on Andromelet are–“

“Don’t you think I thought of that?” Dad interrupts. “You haven’t heard the whole story. SolarXX’s caretaker is now in the silver quarters. SolarXX can’t live alone.”

At this, Mom looks like she’s ready to bust and be in the silver quarters herself.