I close my eyes to
a world of darkness, a silk black curtain
as I lie in the shimmering moonlight

Soon I enter another world
another shining, sparkling world
a fantasia that this mundane metropolis can’t compare to
as figures emerge from the silk black curtain

I’m soaring through the cold midnight air
through a celestial city of glittering stars and sphere-like lands
and then I’m fox-trotting with fairies;
kissed by a creature I’ve never encountered

Up ahead lies Earth, a spinning marble
of cerulean seas, verdant shapes, and chocolate and vanilla drizzles
I lower myself to examine it
but soon I’m tumbling recklessly
down the grassy hills, down the fragrant trees

Suddenly I crash into a bed of soft pillows and cozy blankets
and I awaken to the sun
dawning on my face
and the flute of the bird


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