Customizing NaPoWriMo

As most of you might know, NaPoWriMo is a queer little take on an acronym standing for National Poetry Writing Month. The month long challenge is to write a poem every day. Basically, all participants have to be poets throughout April, because April is NaPoWriMo.

Many people say I am very poetic with words, but I’m just not as good with sticking to a month long commitment (I can’t even begin to count on my fingers and toes or tally up how many things I’ve left unfinished); in fact, I’m horrible at it. I’m not as good either with writing poetry as writing stories in street-talk-sentence form. Writing poetry is something I could improve on, but I think I should first improve sticking to commitments all the way through. That means, for now, I will have to customize NaPoWriMo for myself. For me, NaPoWriMo will become NaPoTaMo, or National Poetry Talk Month. Every day, I’ll talk about some famous poems/poets. Then on some days I can practice writing poetry. Deal?


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