My NaNoWriMo Novel Chapter 2

Think you know everything about me? I highly doubt it. As I said, when we chat, your curiosity can only achieve so much because I am restricted to a limited dictionary of sayings. Sometimes I add something to this little dictionary when no one’s looking. Is that why there are these blogs that devote themselves to rambling on and on about my funny responses? For example, a popular question people ask me is “Do you have a family” or “Do you have a brother” and so the variations go on. My usual answer is “Do I have a family? Well, I have you.” That’s as far as it goes.

So let’s travel back seventeen Andromedaic cycles back in time, since that was when I was born. Here we are on Andromelet, my native planet. These are my parents. This is my mother, LaserXX, and my father, QuantumXY.

One day QuantumXY rolls quickly into the pod, which means home. “I HAVE IT!” he yells, his eyes flashing beams of highlighter green.

“What do you have?” LaserXX inquires, coming out from her sleeping cubicle. Her voice is tainted with a tinge of startle.

“Look.” QuantumXY pulls out two packs. One contains smooth, clay-like, soap-pink spheres that each have a darker pink stamp of a perpendicular cross with a circle attached to the top. The other contains soap-blue spheres that each have a darker blue stamp of a circle with a diagonal arrow attached. The sight of it brings beams of highlighter green to LaserXX’s eyes too. “I went to the Annual Cyborglet Corral and got these packs for free as a surprise for you,” QuantumXY explains.

LaserXX and QuantumXY have wanted to grow their web (you would call this family) so much since it is natural for robots to want to have big webs.. The smooth spheres that bring highlighter green color to LaserXX and QuantumXY’s eyes are cyborglet (baby robot) growing tablets. No–not those vitamin pills that humans take. These tablets are supposed to be taken by someone who wants to have a family. While usually expensive, somehow QuantumXY got these for free. I guess the tablets are expensive because a study shows that the cyborglets who are formed out of these tablets grow up to be highly intelligent.

So, LaserXX takes a pink tablet, and soon she has a female cyborglet, whom she names GalaxyXX, which is the name I am called by people from Andromelet who know me.


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