Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect (The Daily Post)

If you could cure a painless, inexpensive cure for one ailment, what would you cure and why? 

Photographers, artists, poets, show us HEALTH.

When we read one such Daily Prompt from the Daily Post, we would say, “Cancer! Cancer! Ultimate ailment is cancer! It’s about damn time we have a cure for cancer so that we don’t have anymore blah blah blah!” We get so worked up into ranting about cancer, which is good, but WAIT A MINUTE PEOPLE!!! RIGHT NOW! 

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the late thirteen year old YouTube sensation Talia Joy Castellano. She posted makeup tutorials on YouTube, and was battling TWO forms of cancer. How the heck can she do THAT? In the end, she sadly lost. 

However, cancer is not contagious, but influenza is. Influenza kills too. Every year thousands earn their wings and get their bodies in a nice fresh grave because of the influenza. There is no permanent cure for influenza. So I have here this cauldron that a witch lent me because she was on break from her job during Halloween and went to a witchcraft council meeting under the full moon. I will now demonstrate the alchemy that Nicolas Flamel taught me in this cauldron. *splashes in whiskey, wine, Delsym, frankincense, rosemary soup* *mixes in tomatoes, chlorine, Tiger Balm* and here is the ULTIMATE CURE FOR INFLUENZA! Take this tablet with liquid, preferably with pomegranate or orange juice, and you will never again be injected with your yearly dose of flu vaccine!


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